League of Angels

Get New Wings – Starfire Plumes at Spin to Win Rank

January 21, 2020


Want gorgeous Wings and higher BR? Join our Spin to Win Rank and show your luck. From 24 January to 29 January, you have the great chance win new Wings – Starfire Plumes and Rainbow Butterfly.

Event Time: 24 January to 29 January

Event Entrance: Spin to Win Rank

>>Starfire Plumes


>>Rainbow Butterfly


Event Rules:

1. Players can use Gold to join spin wheel, each time cost 50 Gold, you can spin 1 time, 10 times and 50 times.


2. Players can Reset Wheel if they don’t satisfy to the rewards on the current wheel, each time cost 10 Gold to reset (There must be at least one Wings or one Heavenly Codex on the Wheel after each reset)

3. Players can earn 2 kinds of point after spinning the wheel, the Lucky Points and Points. Lucky Points can be used for exchange the rewards in Exchange Shop. 


4. Reach certain points will be ranked on the list, the players on the list can get corresponding ranking rewards.


5. Spin Wheel 1 time can get 1 Lucky Point and 1 Point at the same time. Lucky Points will not be cleared after the event end.

6. Please notice that and Points will be cleared after the event end. Please use Points before the event end.

Come and show your lucky in Spin to Win Rank.


Please note that the above contents might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.