League of Angels

New Version of Lucky Tree

October 06, 2020

The new version of Lucky Tree is coming from 7 October to 9 October. Now, you have the great chance to win the Gold during this event and also gorgeous Wings - Eye of Death God! Also, we add abundant cultivation items in Lucky Store, you can exchange it by using Lucky Coin!


Entrance: Lucky Tree

Event Time: 7 October to 9 October

>>Eye of Death God


Event Rules:

1.Performing Blessings will prioritize using Nectar. You can spend Gold to perform Blessings when you have not enough Nectar is used up;

2.One free Blessing attempt is reset each day. If your title level is Baron or above, you gain 1 additional free Blessing attempt each day.

3.The Lucky Tree Level is determined by the number of Blessings performed. The Lucky Tree gains 1 EXP each time a Blessing is performed. The prize pool will change when the Lucky Tree levels up, and the higher the level the better the rewards;

4.The World Tree Level is determined by the number of Blessings performed by all the players in the server. The World Tree gains 1 EXP each time a Blessing is performed. When the World Tree levels up, you may claim the server-wide reward on the World Tree screen;

5.Blessing Reward is determined by the number of Blessings performed. Individual Blessing Attempts increases by 1 each time you perform 1 Blessing. You may claim your reward at the Blessing Reward screen;

6.There's a chance that you may obtain a Lucky Coin when performing a Blessing. Lucky Coins can be redeemed for items in the Lucky Store;

7.The Lucky Store will remain open for 1 extra day after the Lucky Tree event has ended, so be sure to redeem your items in time;

8.When the activity ends, all relevant items will be destroyed.


1.Exchange Eye of Death God by using Lucky Coins at Lucky Store.


2.There are many cultivation items there now, you can choose what you need to exchange.

3.You can get the Gold when you participating the Lucky Tree.


4. You can get the Starfire Plumes Skin Fragment when you participaiting the Lucky Tree.


And there are wonderful events during this period are waiting for you! Why wait? Go get it!


Please note that the above contents might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.