League of Angels

Exciting News - Asia Server Open

February 20, 2020



Breaking News:

Dear warriors, the first Asia Server is open at 10:50 AM (HKT). The Server 6 – Ramiel is the first Asia Server. This means that the League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury official release on two continents, the Americas and Asia! And in the future, the game will globally release with no doubt.


The League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury have experienced a lot. Here, we want to say thank you to all players, thank you for enjoying our new game! And the developers and operation team will keep trying best to give players better game experience. Hope you continue to support League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury!

Also, we have updated a large version on 19 February. There are new features and items have added into the game. Now, players can experience the new features such as Angel's Exquisite Soul, Black Market, Demon City, Shield System, Cross - Server Arena and so on.

The most important, we are very glad you can give your suggestions and feedback about this game to us! You can follow and subscribe to our social media to leave your comments and suggestions!

Stop waiting and come and enjoy a new adventure at League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury.


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