League of Angels

The Alliance PVP Mode – Royal City

February 28, 2020

Dear Warriors, we have updated some new items and features. One of the most interesting mode is Royal City – an Alliance PVP mode. Let’s take a view of this gameplay.


The Royal City is the first Alliance PVP gameplay. Players as an alliance member to fight with other Alliances. The winner can win wonderful rewards, including Equipment chest, Divine Chest. Join the Royal City at the New Server may get surprise rewards!


When one alliance wins the war at Royal City, the Leader of this alliance will become the Lord of Royal City. And only the Royal City can distribute victory rewards. Furthermore, all members of this alliance can get Daily Salary, including Crystal Chest. Epic Glyphs Box and Diamonds.


Event Time: Every Sunday at 20:00 – 20:30 (Server Time) (Please note for the New Server, 20:00-20:30 of the Day 3 after launching day, also can join the Royal City, this is only for the new server)

Entrance: Battle Lobby – Battle for the Royal City

Event Rules:

1. The top 10 ranking alliance members can participate.

2. For the first event, players on all servers will be attacking side.

3. In subsequent events, the occupying alliance of the last event will be the defending side, while the other alliances will be attacking side. The attacking side cannot attack among themselves.

4. When the attacking side destroys two Mage Towers, the City Gate will open automatically.

5. If the City Gate is not destroyed within 15 minutes, the defending side will be deemed victorious. After the City Gate is destroyed, the event will enter the Dragon Pillar contention phase.

6. The alliance that occupies that Dragon Pillar for 5 straight minutes or at the end of the event will be deemed victorious.

7. After the Dragon Pillar is defeated, the alliance that did the most damage will gain ownership of a new Dragon Pillar.

8. The alliance that gains ownership of a Dragon Pillar will be attacked by all other alliances. Any alliance that loses ownership of a Dragon Pillar will automatically join the attacking side.

9. Attacking the Mage Towers, Dragon Pillar and slay an enemy can gain points.

10. Occupying the Mage Towers and Dragon Pillar can increase points continuously.

11. If the ruling alliance occupies the Royal City continually (occupies for N rounds continually or wins N rounds in a row), the initial attacking side during the next round will gain bonuses, which can stack.


Winner Rewards:

1. During the event, a large number of rewards can be won based on the points earned by the players.

2. All members of the occupying side can earn winner rewards.

3. The alliance leader of the occupying side can earn the city lord’s divine skills Heavenly Might and Heavenly Rage.



4. All members of the occupying side can claim the Daily Salary during the occupying period.

Loser Rewards:

1. During the event, a large number of rewards can be won based on the points earned by the players.

2. All members of the non-occupying side can earn participation rewards.


1. During the event, alliances cannot kick players or change leader.

2. The effects of the city lord’s divine skills will last until the next event starts. If the alliance leader changes during his time, the divine skills will not be transferred.


Please note that the above contents might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.