League of Angels

Celebrating the St. Patrick’s Day in LoA: HF

March 13, 2020

The St. Patrick’s Day is coming. Let’s celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day at League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury. From 13 March to 18 March, players have the great chance to win abundant rewards, including gorgeous Mount - Chariot of Miracles and Wings - Wings of Blade.


Entrance: St. Patrick’s Day

Event Time: 13 March to 18 March

>>Chariot of Miracles


>>Wings of Blade

Event Rules:

1. Apollo’s Burning Sun: Completing the Points Quest to get Points; reaching certain points can claim the Burning Sun Chest.


2. Athena's Gift: Login in each day during the event period to claim rewards.

3. Challenge Uzza: Uzza will arrive at the main city 3:00 PM and 8 PM every day, kill Uzza to get rewards.


4. Michael's Divine Light: Kill monsters to get drop rewards during the event period.

5. Gabrielle's Daily Discount: Reaching the recharge requirements to claim Gabrielle's Gift Draw Ticket.


6. Camael's Spoils: A great discount to get abundant cultivation items during this event.

7. Expenditure Rankings: Get Points to join the ranking, Points more than 50 can get regular rewards, while more than 300 can also get extra super rewards. All rewards will be sent to players’ mail after the event is ended.


8. Gabrielle's Gift: Players can use the Draw Tickets to spin the wheel. Players have a chance to get the rewards on the wheel.


9. Players can get the Clovers during they spinning the wheel, the Clovers can be exchanged for rewards in the Clover Shop.



Please note that the above contents might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.