League of Angels

Get New Mount - Solar Chariot at Treasure Hunt

April 17, 2020

The Treasure Hunt event is coming, you can join this event from 17 April to 22 April. Also, you have the chance to win the gorgeous Mount - Solar Chariot when you reach a certain requirement during this event.


>>Solar Chariot


Event Rules:

1. Players can use Gold to exchange Treasure to participate in this event. Each Treasure Trove contains 10,00 Diamonds and 1 Treasure Hunt Bell. You have 3 options to play Treasure Hunt, 1 time, 10 times and 50 times. 

2. During the Treasure Hunt Event, you have the great chance to get Diamonds and Pink Diamonds. Most of all, you have the chance to get Gold Equipment and Legendary Equipment. And The Legendary Equipment only can be obtained by this event.

3. You can earn Treasure Points by playing Treasure Hunt, each time for 1 point, you can exchange the Legendary Equipment at Point Market.

4. You can claim attempts rewards when you reach certain attempts, Treasure Hunt Attempts are reset every day, so please claim your attempt rewards promptly. Each Treasure Hunt attempt gives you 1 point, points are never cleared.


Please note that the above contents might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.