League of Angels

Win the Gorgeous Mount – Golden Dragon at Gabrielle's Gift

November 13, 2020

New Mount - Golden Dragon is coming from 15 November to 17 November at Gabrielle's Gift. Unlock this Strong Mount to fight with you!


>>Entrance: Gabrielle's Gift

>>Event Time: 15 November to 17 November

>>Mount – Golden Dragon


Event Rules:

1.Gabrielle's Gift Draw Ticket will be used first for Draws.

2.Participate in Gabrielle's Gift and get 1 Gabrielle's Seal and 1 point per spin.

3.Gabrielle's Seals can be redeemed for items in the Angel Shop, while points are used for the points ranking.

4.Once the wheel event has ended, you will have 1 extra day to redeem items.

5.After the entirety of the event has ended, Gabrielle's Seals will be cleared, so be sure to redeem them in time!





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