League of Angels

  • MAGE
    The highest grade of magic-users. It is no exaggeration to say that a single mage can match a horde of thousands upon thousands of soldiers and horses on the battlefield, for they can use any blade of grass, any tree, the winds, the rains, thunder, or lightning as offensive weapons. As the darlings of Heaven, they can communicate with all earthly things from birth. However, this is precisely why they are terribly cold and haughty in nature and rarely hold anyone but themselves in regard.
    It is widely believed by the common folk that the Holy Archers share a special relationship with the elves, for the bows and arrows they wield are just as rich in soul as those wielded by the elves. Anything that becomes their target would find it difficult to escape their grasp. They are fond of all good and wonderful things and abhor all hideous and evil things, such that they can be considered the best exemplification of hating evil as an enemy.
    Legend has it that dragoons inherited the power of the dragons, which is a kind of power born amid the chaos with the ability to affect the entire world. Innately brutal in strength, dragoons can subdue a tiger with their bare hands at just three years old. They embrace their faith and take it upon themselves to protect their home and the human race. When the demons came, they were always the ones charging at the very front.