League of Angels

The First Anniversary - Get Outfits Tidal Vanguard & Master of Fashion

January 08, 2021

Dear Warriors, we are honored to announce that League of Angels - Heaven's Fury has been launched for 1 year! To celebrate, we prepare the Anniversary Event for you!


Event Entrance: Anniversary

Event Time: January 10 to January 12

Tidal Vanguard: 


Master of Fashion:


Event Rules:

  1. From January 10 to January 12, players can use Flip Vouchers to draw rewards. Vouchers can be obtained via redemption and purchases. 

  2. Players can get various Charater Dolls from draws.

  3. A radon item reward if guaranteed for each draw.

  4. A Salute is also guaranteed for each card draw, which can be used to redeem for corresponding rewards.

  5. The Dragoon Doll, Mage Doll and Archer Doll can be crafted into Pandora's Box, which can be used to participate in the Anniversary Celebration Challenge.

  6. The Treasure Box of Gods can be used to redeem for ultimate rewards in the Annviersary Celebration Store.

  7. The Card Flip event will end after January 12, and only the Anniversary Celebration Challenge and the Anniversary Celebration Stroe will be accessible on January 13.

  8. When the event end, all unused points and event items will be removed.


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.