League of Angels

Update 0622

June 21, 2021

Dear Warriors, we will release update at 00:30(PST), 3 :30(EST), 08:30(EU), 15:30(HKT) June 22. The estimated update time is about two hours.
Update Content:
1. [Demon Rings] will become available after character level reaches Lv. 500!
Activate powerful Demon Rings to gain lots of BR.
Upgrade Demon Rings to activate Demon Rings Divine Skill.
Demon Rings Engulfing helps you win every battle.
Inlay Demon Rings with powerful Ring Animas to activate Ring Anima Set.
2. All-new Trial Instance [Endless Abyss] unlocks at Lv. 500.
Challenge the Endless Abyss and seize the Soul of Demon Rings to activate powerful Demon Rings.
Challenge the Endless Abyss and get the Heart of Demon Rings to increase Demon Rings attributes.
3. Newly added Material Instance [Demon Rings Instance] unlocks at Lv.500.
Engulf Magic Orbs to temper Demon Rings.
4. Fixed the issue in which Codex Chests from Material Instances could not be opened.
5. Newly added Angel Starstone Exchange event. Angel Starstones obtained previously that could not be used can be exchanged for new Angel Starstones in the exciting event.
6. Fixed display errors in some item text.
7. Fixed display errors in some interfaces.