League of Angels

Cool Drink Festival

July 22, 2021

League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury celebrates the Cool Drink Festival, and it is set with tons of activities and gifts to get you involved!

Cool Drink Event Specials! Big Sale, Up to 70% Off!

From July 25th to July 27th, join the Cool Drink Event and get what you long for at great discount! It's time to get 70% off outfits like Loulan, Shogun Warrior, King of Gods. And don't forget to check out the lower pricing on Celestial Knight!

New Outfits - King of the Sea Arriving!

New Outfits - King of the Sea has arrived in League of Angels - Heaven’s Fury.
Cool Drink Flip Card runs from July 25th to July 27th, you have the great chance to win new and gorgeous Outfits! Each Draw, Only 40 Gold!

We’re also excited to see the new gameplay Dungeon Adventure and a new cultivation system Demon Rings coming out!

New Gameplay - Dungeon Adventure
Enter the Dungeon Adventure to start your adventure on the game map!
Beat the monsters in the chess map furiously, win rewards and have the chance to explore the map further! After acing all monsters, you will enter an instance to challenge the boss! Start your adventure now!

New Cultivation system - Demon Rings
A cultivation system: Demon Ring is on now! There are five rings waiting for you: Malice Ring, Arrogance Ring, Charm Ring, Bloodthirst Ring, Rage Ring. Malice Ring and Arrogance Ring can be obtained through the Trial Instance-Endless Abyss, Floor 1 and Floor 25. Enchant Magic Rings to gain tons of attributes!

Hurry up to join the Cool Drink Festival in League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury!

Join Now->http://loahf.gtarcade.com