League of Angels

Version Update - Sky God's Hunt & War Seal

May 14, 2020

Dear Warriors, we will release a version update at 16:00 PM (HKT), 4:00 AM (EST), 10:00 AM (EU) 1:00 AM (PST) 14 May. The estimated update time is about an hour. Please try to re-enter the game when the update finished. The update might be ahead or behind the proposed schedule, please take the in-game scroll announcement as a standard. 


1. NIMO event is coming, players can get the permanent title "NIMO" at Bonus Hall - Update Notifications panel. 

2. Sky God's Hunt, a new boss-fight game mode will open at Lv.460. The battles will be more intense, but various rewards are waiting for players to get.

3. War Seal, a brand new system will open at Lv.470, inlaying with different War Seals will bring players more BR increase.

4. Turn on the ‘world-level acceleration’ mechanism. Players whose level below the average level in the servers can get a higher EXP bonus, so players can call on their friends to expand their team strength.

5. A pop-up window added to Angel Permit event to remind new-server players that they might not have sufficient time to obtain all the rewards after purchasing the Premium rights.

6. Fixed the display issue of Heaven's Trivia in the Spanish version.

7. Fixed the display issue of Title Medal in Polish and Turkish versions.

8. Fixed the issue that Alliance discord links could not be fully displayed.


Please note that the above contents might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.