League of Angels

Version update-New Spirit expansion system

May 10, 2021

Dear Warriors, we will release a version update at 00:30(PST), 3 :30(EST), 08:30(EU), 15:30(HKT) May 11th. The estimated update time is about 4 hours.

Update Content:

1. All-new Spirit expansion system [Primordial Spirit] released! Unlocks 15 days after Server Opening and upon reaching Lv.530!

2. Consume [Spirit Blood-tear] to advance [Primordial Spirit] and quickly boost BR!

3. [Spirit Blood-tear] newly added in 3v3 Conquest Shop for redemption!

4. Main Quest increased to Lv.850!

5. New season of Permit about to begin. Plentiful resources and cool cosmetics await!

6. Fixed display errors in some item text.

7. Fixed display errors in some interfaces.


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