League of Angels

Heaven's Fury Points Store Available Now!

February 18, 2020

Good news! Heaven's Fury Points Store has been opened. The first bunch of items has been available. From now on, players can exchange for them in the Points Store with G points earned on GTarcade Desktop.



That’s not all! Keep up to date with us on GTarcade desktop and expect more surprises! And you can also tell us what you would like to buy next time in the Points Store.

Download GTarcade desktop right now: Download


What’s G point and how to get them?

G Point is an exclusive currency launched by the GTarcade Desktop. You can earn and use it on GTarcade Desktop.

Method 1: Play games on the GTarcade Desktop.

You can claim Point rewards by accumulating game time in your game window. 

Rule: Playing games for an hour can claim 20 points. Daily max is 40 Points.

Method 2: Recharge 

When you recharge on GTarcade Desktop, you can obtain Points. For every USD 1 recharged, you will receive 100 Points.

How to get those gift packs?

-Download GTarcade Desktop;

-Go to Points Store;

-Select the items you like and exchange for it;

-Go to in-game mail to claim your resources.