League of Angels

Introduction of Mount & Spirit

December 04, 2019



A good mount is not only because it can improve the player's movement speed and various attributes, but also because of its amazing growth potential. As the story progresses, players will obtain the Mount – Twilight Deer. Just train it carefully, it will become a more powerful Mount to help you fight.


When you obtain the Mount, you can ride your Mount by clicking the icon or using the shortcut key ‘A’. Ride Mount can help you to increase Movement Speed. When you are in a hurry to go to a place, please ride your mount.

Mount Advance

You can Train your Mount to Advance. Each time Mount Advance successfully, the shape of the Mount will evolve, increase considerable combat power, and be more likely to acquire new Mount skill slots. Besides, you will get an advance pack for every advanced success. You can ‘Transform’ any Mount you already own. The attributes are unchanged, but the shape of Mount is changed. Plus, there are lots of gorgeous Mount Skin you can obtain through our operation event.

Mount Skill

Mount Skill will be unlocked when Mount reaches tier 3. There are four Mount Skills, these skills will be unlocked when the Mount reach certain Tier. Once you unlocked the Mount Skills, you have a chance to trigger these skills in battle and can trigger multiple skills at the same time.



When players get Level.30, the Spirit will be unlocked. You will get your own Spirit, all Spirits are tier 1. You can train your Spirit to upgrade attributes, the higher the tier, the more attributes. Spirit has different appearances at different tiers, you can choose your favourite to ‘Transform’.