League of Angels

Introduction of Divine Weapon & Wings

December 04, 2019


Divine Weapon

The Divine Weapon is a core part in League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury. You will unlock your own Divine Weapon when you reach Level.225. Dragoon, Mage and Archer have different Divine Weapon, their weapons are all-powerful. The Divine Weapon is at tier 1 when you unlock it, you can advance it to obtain higher attributes. Besides, you can use Daybreak Crystal to increase HP and Tenacity; use Divine Light Crystal to increase ATK and Critical, and use Draconic Crystal to increase the above four attributes! You can advance your Divine Weapon by clicking the ‘Start Advancing’ or clicking the ‘Auto-Advance’. You should advance your Divine Weapon at the ‘Divine-Weapon’ Panel.

Also, after you advanced your Divine Weapon to the next tier, a new appearance will be unlocked! And there are many gorgeous Divine Weapon skins you can get during the operation event!


Wings always are the symbol of League of Angels series. So as in LoA – HF, you'll unlock the Wings when you reach Level.185. You will obtain the Wings at Tier 1. Same as Mount and Spirit, Wings have different appearances at different tiers, you can choose one to ‘Transform’.

It can bring abundant attributes, and it will be more powerful when you advance the Wings. However, the cultivation items for Wings are rare. Ready for the challenge?