League of Angels

New Feature – Angel’s Exquisite Soul & Black Market

February 21, 2020



Dear warriors, we have completed a large version update on 19 February! And we added some new features. One of the features is Angel’s Exquisite Soul.

Angel's Exquisite Soul system will be open at Lv. 260 when completes its open mission, which can further improve your Angels' BR. Angel's Exquisite Soul can be obtained by Craft. Craft need cost certain items and scrolls, certain items can be purchased at Black Market. The scrolls can be obtained at Demon City.

Black Market

The Black Market is a special feature. It is totally different from the store; it didn’t cost Gold. It cost Angel Points! Angel Points can be collected by joining Heaven's Trivia, level up at Path of Kings, if you missed the event, don't worry, purchase at the Store also can get Angel Points. Also, the materials in the Black Market may appear randomly discount. And you can refresh the items 5 times free. After using 5 free times, you need to wait for two hours to refresh. Or you can use gold to refresh directly.


There are Four Tiers of Angel’s Exquisite Soul. Players need to reach a certain level to unlock different tiers of Angel’s Exquisite Soul. Also, there are 3 kinds of Angel’s Exquisite Soul, ATK, DEF and HP, so Angel’s Exquisite Soul will increase different attributes. In addition, Angel’s Exquisite Soul is divided into five qualities, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Heavenly, each craft will generate a randomly Angel’s Exquisite Soul. Show your lucky!


The Angel System is core gameplay in our game. Therefore, insert Angel’s Exquisite Soul is very useful, it can enhance your BR significantly! Stop waiting and craft Angel’s Exquisite Soul!