League of Angels

Introduction of Talent System

February 25, 2020


Dear warriors, we have completed a large version update on 19 February! And we added some new features. Let’s take a view of the Talent System.

The Talent System can increase players’ attributes significantly. This System will be unlocked when players reach level 500 and complete 6th Class Change. Additionally, there are three kinds of Talent that players can choose to match freely. Punishment, Guard and Frenzy.



The Punishment Talent is mainly contributing to increasing HP, Armor, Attack of players. It also can increase the effects of Star Array, Shield and Relic. Most of all, there is 3 ultimate Talent, one is called Hope’s Bastion, it can permanently increase HP 20% at Max Level.


Defense-breaker: it can permanently increase 50% EXP from monsters at Max Level.


Sublime Ceremony: it can permanently increase Attack 20% at Max Level.


The effects of Punishment are benefited for all players, especially for the players who prefer PVE.


The Guard Talent are mainly contributing to reducing damage and resistance. Three ultimate Talents are Sorrowful Hermit, Unspoken Lies, Indomitable.


Sorrowful Hermit: when HP is lower than 30%, immediately recover 20% HP and reduce damage.


Unspoken Lies: when HP is lower than 20%, ignores 100% damage for 5 seconds at max level.


Indomitable: when HP is lower than 20%, if you are attacked within 30 seconds, has a 100% chance of stunning the attacker for 2 seconds.


The effects of Guard Talent are benefited for players who prefer group PVP mode, this Talent can help them reduce abundant damages.


The Frenzy Talent are mainly contributing to increased damage. Three ultimate Talents are Fatal Focus, Out-of-Body, Live in the Shadows.


Fatal Focus: when attacking, there is 20% chance to covert 20% of the damage into HP for 3 seconds.


Out-of-Body: when HP is lower than 50%, Critical Damage when attacking increase by 50% for 3 seconds.


Live in the Shadows: when attacking, 20% chance to immediately recover 5% of max HP.


The effect of Frenzy Talent can be benefited to players who prefer 1vs1 PVP, this Talent can bring players advantages.


1. The Talent system is unlocked when Pinnacle levels are unlocked.

2. After unlocking Pinnacle levels, every increase of 1 level grants 1 talent point.

3. Learning and upgrading talents can greatly increase your BR.


Also, players can reset talents by using Talent Reset Tome, players can Purchase Talent Reset Tome in Gold Shop.


The Talent is very useful in the later game, players can check the system and choose the talent they prefer, so that they choose the talent when they unlock the Talent System.