League of Angels

Demon Lord's Treasure Trove & Hell's Borderlands

April 02, 2020

Dear Warriors, we have added some new features and gameplay in the next version update. Let’s take a view of Demon Lord’s Treasure Trove.


Demon Lord’s Treasure Trove

The Demon Lord's Treasure Trove is a real-time intense PVP gameplay. When the event start, players can enter this event by Battle Lobby.

Event Rules:

1. The event will be unlocked when players reach level 120. It will start on Sunday 16:00-16:20 in server time.

2. The battlefield consists of 9 floors in total. Promotion is earned by defeating other players.

3. Floor 9 has a Demon’s Treasure Trove. It’s first-come, first get!

3. When entering Floors 2-8 for the first time every day, you can earn generous rewards.

4. You can earn kill ranking rewards when the battle results are calculated.

Hell's Borderlands

The Hell's Borderlands is a Cross-Server Battlefield. This event starts at 17:00 – 17:45 Wednesday and Saturday. Players BR Ranking Top 100 can join this event. Players have the great chance to win gorgeous rewards during this event, including Wings, Relic and Constellation Equipment

1. Qualifications will be confirmed in the first 10 minutes of the event. At this time, the top 100 players on the BR Ranking can join the battle.

2. This battle is a Cross-Server Battlefield. Players cannot form parties in this battle.

3. There will be 8 guardian bosses on the battlefield. After all guardian bosses are defeated, 1 wave of elite monsters will refresh on the battlefield, and after 2 minutes, the final boss will appear.

4. The elite monsters will refresh on the 8 guardian bosses’ platforms and below the central platform.

5. The player who deals the most damage to the boss will receive and additional Affiliation Reward

6. All of the boss drops are unaffiliated and can be picked up by anyone. Drops will have 15-second protection period where they cannot be picked up afterwards they can be picked up by anyone.

7. Chests and monsters will randomly refresh on the battlefield.