League of Angels

Constellation Equipment & Treasure Map

April 02, 2020


Constellation Equipment

One of our featured Equipment systems is coming soon. Unlock your Constellation Equipment to increase BR. There are 12 Constellation Equipment, players can get most of them by playing Treasure Map.


You have the chance to enter a treasure land when you playing Treasure Map. You can open the chest in the treasure land. There are 12 chests in the land, you have one free key to open one chest, if you want to open other chests, you need to use Gold to purchase keys. You have the chance to get Diamonds and Constellation Equipment from the box.


Treasure Map

The Treasure Map is an interesting item in our game. Players can get the Treasure Map by purchasing in Store. Also, players can get the Treasure Map by joining the Operation Event.

Players use the Treasure Map will be directed to the location of the treasure. Players may need to defeat the bosses to get rewards or enter a treasure land to get rewards, including abundant Diamonds.

There are three kinds of Treasure Maps, the Treasure Map, the Advanced Treasure Map and Divine Treasure Map. The higher level of Treasure Maps will yield greater rewards.


Special Ring

The Special Ring is powerful equipment when you fight with others. Different Special Rings have different effects, but all of them can help you to defeat enemies when you playing in PVP gameplay. In one word, if you are a PVP fan, you need it.


Players have two ways to get the Special Ring, one is the Treasure Map, when players enter the treasure land, there is a chance to get the Special Ring when opening the chest. The other way is Crafting, there is a Special Ring Crafting, players can collect enough items to craft it.


Core Exquisite Soul in Angel’s Soul System

The Core Exquisite Soul will be released after the version updated. The Core Exquisite Soul can be claimed from the Demon Leader and Operation Event.

The Core Exquisite Soul can increase players BR significantly and give special passive skills.