League of Angels

Introduction of War Seal

May 13, 2020

The War Seal System is coming. Players can get the different quality of War Seal to enhance the equipment. Check below for more details:


Entrance: Equipment - War Seal

War Seal

1. There are five places to inlay the War Seal. Normal War Seal can be inlaid the outer circle, while the Core War Seal can be inlaid in the inner circle.

2. You can only inlay 1 of the same type of War Seal in the same piece of equipment.

3. Dismantling a War Seal will return 100% of materials spent by upgrading.


War Seal Wheel

1. Players can get the War Seal by participating in the War Seal Wheel and some daily Boss events.

2. Each draw for War Seal Wheel costs 500,000 Diamonds.

3. Each draw grants 1 point. Points will never be reset.

4. Items earned through drawing will be displayed in your Personal Records. Advanced items that you draw will be displayed in your Ultimate Records.

5. Points earned can be exchanged for rare items in the Points Shop.


Rewards of War Seal Wheel:

Random Uncommon War Seal Chest


Random Rare War Seal Chest


Random Epic War Seal Chest


Random Legendary War Seal Chest


Random Heavenly War Seal Chest


War Seal Essence


Players have the chance to win the quality of War Seal Chests and cultivation items by playing the War Seal Wheel. Play it to increase your BR!